PCJCMR was first founded in the 1950s with a focus on building positive relationships between Chrisitans and Jews. With the growth of a large, wonderful and diverse Muslim community in the United States, we have added development of relationships between and among Christians, Jews and Muslims to the tasks we consider crucial.  We hope to build dialogues between the faith communities on the local level, be advocates for peace and justice on issues that relate to the three faith communities, and sponsor educational opportunities.  We invite your ideas and participation in our work.  We are an informal group of members, ministers, and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA); we are not an offical agency of the Presbyterian Church. For further information about our denomination, click on the logo above or any of the PCUSA links below.


Mission Statement

We are a group of Presbyterian ministers and laity, committed to positive, constructive respectful, and meaningful relationships with Jews. Our commitment reflects deep personal conviction and is the result of longstanding involvement in interreligious activity. Indeed, PCJCR has been active for more than twenty years and many of us have been involved helping to shape our denomination's policies in this arena since 1980 and in some cases even longer.

We work in the spirit of the 1987 statement of principles approved for study by the General Assembly of our Church: "A Theological Understanding of the Relationship Between Christians and Jews." That document articulates seven principles which we summarize as follows:

1. The God who addresses both Christians and Jews is the same.

2. The Church's identity is intimately related to the continuing religious identity of the Jewish people.

3. We are willing to ponder with Jews the mystery of God's election of both Jews and Christians to be a light to the nations.

4. As Christians we acknowledge that Jews are in covenant relationship with God, and we explore the implications of this reality for evangelism and witness.

5. As Christians we acknowledge in repentance the Church's complicity in proliferation of anti-Jewish attitudes and actions, and we work to put an end to the teaching of contempt for Jews.

6. We are willing to investigate the continuing significance of the promise of "land," with its associated obligations, and to explore the implications for Christian theology.

7. We act in hope, which we share with Jews, as we both await the final manifestation of God's promise of the peaceable kingdom.

Based upon these principles, we are:

  • working with others both within and outside our denomination who seek to expand upon and deepen respectful, honest dialogue between Christians and Jews.

  • working with Jewish communities on projects likely to deepen theological understanding of and appreciation for both Judaism and Christianity.

  • working with Jewish and other colleagues to promote justice and peace both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • encouraging our denomination to pursue its historic commitment to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East consistently, fairly and faithfully.

For further information about PCJCMR please email Charles Henderson.